Bachelor in Paradise part 1

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One of my guilty pleasures (and frustrations all at the same time) is watching the popular hit TV show, the Bachelor. and, of course, it’s many spin offs. The latest spin off, Bachelor in Paradise ended last night with many tears and much drama, as usual. I find it interesting to watch the relationships play out and I like to note how many of these poor souls are caught in the Cinderella Fantasy of it all. You have to read my book to find out more about what that’s all about. But then, once in awhile you get some level headed people that make good choices. They know what they want and when they are presented with something that doesn’t match their desires, they can easily, with love and dignity, say no to it. Case in point: Sarah is dating Robert on the set in Tulum, Mexico. A gorgeous, romantic setting, ripe for love. The show dictates that have to be dating someone to be able to stay, so you have to be chosen as someone’s partner each week, or you get rousted back to home and reality. Robert and Sarah made a slow connection, but did end up getting romantic by the end. Then a wrench is thrown in. The show’s host, Chris Harrison says, “If you don’t see yourself continuing this relationship once you are home, you have to break it up and go home now. You have until the end of the day. And don’t try to fool your partner or me.” So, all six couples had THE TALK and Sarah and Robert decide they want to pursue their relationship further. It turns out they only live ten minutes away from each other in LA, so since they like each other, the logistics make it an even easier decision. After six talks and lots of tears, we are now down to three couples, Robert and Sarah being one of them. Then, host Chris Harrison throws yet another wrench into it to test the relationships. That night, each couple gets to spend a private night, no cameras, together in their own “Fantasy Suite.” Up until that point, all bed rooms were shared with your same sex roommates and the cameras were on at all times. No privacy. Until tonight. The next morning, two of the couples come back gushing all over each other, declaring love forever and OMGosh, what a night! Then there are Sarah and Robert. Still together, but dry. Not much juice going on. While the other guys are smiling and all over their girls, Robert is stone faced. Saying they had a really great time and how much he liked it, but with no emotion and definitely not grooving all over Sarah in the same way. All Sarah has to say is, “We had a good sleep.” When the other girls are saying that they did everything BUT sleep, a light bulb goes on for Sarah with a HEY-wait-a-minute-something’s-not-right-here illumination. She confesses to the other girls that her and Roberts night in the Fantasy suite was less than stellar. When she got back from brushing her teeth, she finds Robert in bed with his jeans on. When she tries to unbuckle them for him he turns away and goes to sleep. No talking, no snuggling. Nothing. Sarah has been having a great time with Robert up until this point. He does cute little things for her and makes lovely romantic gestures, but when Sarah wants to take things to the next level, Robert isn’t on the same page. Sarah is clear that she wanted what the other girls got. She wanted to pillow talk until the wee hours, love on each other and snuggle like they may not wake up the next day. She got none of that. So, she takes Robert down to the beach and tells him that. She says she really likes him, but she knows in her heart that she need more than what is being offered. She’s ready for the next step and she wants someone who really, really wants her too. Last night she felt rejected. She puts her words on a platter in front of Robert to see how he responds. Just like the TV show, you’re going to have to wait until next week to find out what happens to Robert and Sarah. Does Robert step up to the plate? Does Sarah walk away heart broken? If you are constanly feeling disappointed by your guy and are not sure whether to stay or leave, make sure you tune in to next week’s episode where you can find that answer and many more! And you can find out what happened with Sarah and Robert!

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