Family Systems Friday.

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Are the men or the women in charge in your family? And what difference does that make to your love life?

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  1. suzy says:

    Hi (:

    I like to be in control in dating… don’t think I’m from a Matriarch..but can woman follow a Patriarch if they grew up identifying with Dad?

    Love the theme days!

    • Marion says:

      Hey Suzy,
      Great question. There are many different reasons that you could like the feeling of control while dating. There are so many variables.
      Here are a few good questions to ask yourself to figure out whether you are from a matriarch or patriarch. Who controlled the money in the family? Who decided where you lived? Which parent did you walk on eggshells around, or seek approval from?
      It’s not so much who you identify with, so much as who was in charge. Although we all control in our own ways; it’s a part of our defense system; we still tend to either default to, or be defaulted to.
      I hope that answers your question. Thanks for asking!

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