Miracle Monday. How A Course In Miracles can help your relationship

What are you teaching in your relationships? A Course In Miracles talks about how we teach by who we are being. What is it we are teaching our partner in our relationship in any moment?

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  1. suzy says:

    I’m a ..’it’ hard to find my voice’ kind of person.. but I did yesterday thanks in large part to Marion’s help and my courage and conviction! Reminding me that it’s important that I vocalize.. it was embarrassing and inelegant but worth it! I taught myself I’m worth it (: ..and them too…

    • Marion Baker says:

      Hey Suzy, I’ m so glad to hear that. This is a way to demonstrate self love. We feel that we are worth speaking up for. And unless the person you are in a relationship with thinks so too, then are they worth being in a relationship with?
      I celebrate your bravery!

    • suzy says:

      Wondering if the ego isn’t a bit at me today for what I shared (not here but with the guy) … and I’m choosing to believe it’s normal…& that some of you will relate?

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