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Recorded live on 8/11/15 on the All Radio X network:

The featured guest live on 8/11/15 on the All Radio X network is author and Therapeutic counselor, specializing in Trans-personal therapy, Marion Baker. We discuss her opinions and perspective on relationships. Does Marion have the help and answers in finding a lasting relationship? Can she help you avoid the pitfalls and those same self destructive habits that keep you from having a meaningful relationship. We discuss all this and more.

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Femmenation’ Seattle Radio with Marion and Debbie Whitlock – Click to go to archived radio show.

Debbie Whitlock

Marion Guests on ‘The Dr Pat Show’ on Seattle AM radio  – Click to go to archived radio show.


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September 5, 2014

“James Robinson and I really appreciated your being a Guest on the Get Real Radio show, supporting James’ mission, and taking the time to share your wisdom, important work and mission… and everything that comprises Marion Baker and the lime green plastic covered couch!  We hope you enjoyed being a Guest as much as we enjoyed having you.  :)  It was a truly a GREAT show, and your story is inspiring.

“I loved your raw honestly about your personal growth process as it related to getting real with yourself and finding lasting love – I think many people (men included) can relate to that.   We loved learning new information -def the first time I’d heard the term transpersonal psychology/therapy, and interesting to note the connection to A Course in Miracles you utilize!  And, we were very happy that we could support you, too, and all of humanity, by bringing more access to this kind of  information as well as guidance around these issues around how women can become empowered to change themselves, heal and love themselves first, and then find lasting love.” ~ Jennifer

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September 21, 2014

Are you looking for love? Are you in a relationship that is less than happy?  

Marion Baker gives you the keys to attract your true love and live in happiness.

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