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Ravenstone Retreat

A true Canadian getaway experience 

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Are you your harshest critic?

As a counsellor I find that no matter what my client’s problems are, underneath all of them are feelings of not being good enough, not being loveable, being afraid to make mistakes and scared that they will lose what or who they love because of what we think are our horrible inadequacies.

We all make normal, human mistakes and our brains tell us the impact on our lives is so much worse than the reality. We worry about what others think and KNOW that they are judging or condemning us the same way we do to ourselves. We accuse ourselves of a heinous crime when all we have done is make a minor mistake. It takes away our peace of mind and ultimately, our quality of life.

To make things worse, what we don’t realize is that these messages are buried in our subconscious and cause us to behave in ways that sabotage what we want. And the catch is, if we can’t see what’s behind it, we can’t change it.

How do we overcome these subliminal messages to find the peace of mind we want?

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