A Course in Miracles

Marion Baker, RTC, has her own private one on one and group practice and is both a teacher and a student of A Course in Miracles. She specializes in transpersonal therapy (the marriage of psychology and spirituality) and her education was based on the lessons of forgiveness from ACIM. She is currently a student in a one year study group where she is expanding her only goal of being here only to be truly helpful and of letting spirit guide her life. At the end of the year she will qualify as a Reverend who specializes in A Course In Miracles.

 Marion hosts small, affordable groups up to 8 people in her home at Ravenstone Retreat where you can stay for a weekend and immerse yourself in the experience of what it means to live the lessons that ACIM teaches. Her counselling expertise helps to bring you to a deeper experience of safety and love as you learn to let go and surrender into the moment.

To find out the dates of the next weekend or to learn more, email Marion at [email protected]

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