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Work with me one on one

Guilt can lead to anxiety and depression or even just a feeling of a lackluster life. Our patterns start between age 0 to 7 when our caregivers teach us to either be kind and gentle or harsh with ourselves. It's rare to see a parent create a truly healthy dynamic with their child and those patterns stay with us for life until we can uncover the subconscious guilt that keeps us stuck, going around and around in a hampster wheel. We can't see outside of it ourselves, we need someone with a different perspective. Well meaning friends often do more harm by trying to fix or give advice that isn't really helpful. You need a trained and objective ear to really feel heard and helped in the direction you want to go. 

Email me at [email protected] for a free consultation to see if I am the right fit for you. 

$100 per hour

$300 for a package of 4 sessions

Online or in person

Marion Baker, RTC

Marion Baker, RTC, is a registered counsellor who specializes in transpersonal psychology-the marriage of spirituality and psychology. Her passion is to teach forgiveness as she feels that uncovering our subconscious guilt and learning to let ourselves off the hook changes our entire experience of life. Life flows more easily and we have much more peace of mind, joy, passion and purpose.

Marion's education is based on the principals of A Course in Miracles and her only goal is her own spiritual awakening.